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A collection of furniture based on two strong principles: simplicity & elegance. Since each element of the collection is complete in itself, nothing could be simpler than putting together a piece of Book&Look: all this entails is to superimpose & juxtapose the r equired number of elements, as if playing with building blocks. Book&Look fulfils 3 functions, namely storage, multimedia (TV ele- ment) & shelving; it is offered in a range of lacquer finishes or natural walnut veneer (certain elements only); modules are offered in units of 35cm, in a choice of 3 depths: 45 (storage chest), 55 (TV plat- form) & 28 (shelving unit). The flexibility with which the various ele- ments may be associated enables the creation of a wide variety of pieces of furniture, from broad-width one-piece items to unstructu- red compositions in a combination of heights & depths, to side- boards, multi media items & ultra-low minimalist compositions. Storage elements D 45 Basic unit: 105 x 105 with 4 solid doors or 53 x 105 with 2 solid doors; may be located on the ground with the addition of a base H 3, or on top of another unit Shelving unit D 28 10 mm thick surfaces in 12 variants: 10 vertical (H 70, 105, 140, 175) and 2 horizontal (H 35). Available in a range of widths: 357 with 2 rows of niches, 525 with 3 rows of niches, 703 with 4 rows of niches, or 1050 with 6 rows of niches. Display unit 105 x 105 cm. Horizontal shelves in 2 widths 1050 & 1750 Further Book&Look products can be found in the TV/hi-fi section


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