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Nama ProdukDuO High Tech
MaterialUV-resistant hard coating Plastomer TPO-asphalt
DuO High Tech is a unique waterproofing membrane that has up to twice the life compared with other standard products in the market. It is used for new construction and for renovation of existing flat roof with leakage problems. The upper side of the membrane is made of UV-resistant hard coating Plastomer TPO-asphalt. This makes it extremely durable and provide a high melting point that copes with high temperatures in the tropical climate. An extra strong composite reinforcement of polyester and fiberglass in the middle makes waterproofing membrane tears – and puncture resistant and shrink-free. The underside of the membrane made of elastomer SBS-modified bitumen for excellent adhesion. Stitches membrane is also made of SBS- modified bitumen provides the perfect SBS to SBS impermeable overlap for optimal results. Membranes have extra protection in the form of natural slates mechanically pressed. Chalkboard loss over time is minimal (less than 3%) and that makes the Duo membrane practically maintenance-free.



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