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Nama Produktest gani product
Materialproduk ini terbuat dari kaca pilihan murano, Italia
Garansi3 bulan setelah terpasang
AplikasiPastikan Lantai kering dan sudah di bersih kan. Jauhi dari sinar matahari selama 2 hari setelah pemasangan.
There is a beautiful thing inside you that is a thousand of years old. I wish to live a life that causes my SOUL to dance inside my body. Malls, spas and swimming pools. Dare us to decorate and personalize our surroundings in a creative and original way. This shape has been used in mosaic for many years and has now been renewed, allowing us to create a modern ambiance, full of life. The colours, obtained on the one hand thanks to nature – turquoises and brilliant greens, and on the other, there are neutral tones - different shades of nude, black and grey for the most minimalist options seen in fashion and home trends.


36 x 29 cm


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