Washing Machine & Dryer Ettore Ed 770 BathroomLaundry And Household CleaningWashing Machines


Nama ProdukWashing Machine & Dryer Ettore ED 770
AplikasiHouse Furniture
Tumble Dryer 16 Number Of Programs On/Off Button Electric White Body Color Galvanis Stainless Drum Jeans/Towel Cottons Extra Cottons Normal Cottons Damp Cottons Iron Synthetics Extra Shynthetics Normal Iron Time 90' Time 60' Time 30' Special Air Dry Special Freshen-Up Special Silk Special Anti-Bac Buzzer Quick Delicate Delay Start Start/Pause Botton Drying Capacity: 7 Kg Ideal Weight For Cotton Material: 7 Kg Ideal Weight For Synthetic Material: 3 Kg Power Consumption: 2000 W Voltage: 220-240 V 50 Hz Drying Time: 145 Minutes


Width: 595 Mm Depth: 555 Mm Height: 840 Mm Weight: 33 Kg Width: 665 Mm Depth: 575 Mm Depth: 575 Mm Weight: 38 Kg


washing machine, washing, mesin cuci

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