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Nama ProdukWOOD-Shera Color Through Series
AplikasiIndoor, Outdoor
Shera Floor plank Color Through series are the ideal flooring and decorating collections for natural touch on your building. SHERA Color Through series combine the warmth and look of real wood with unmatched wood straight grain and color. The superior look of SHERA Color Through series accents the exterior and interior details of modern decking. Available in sizes to maximize your design possibilities without the maintenance hassles.


1. 25 x 150 x 3000 mm - 23.12 kg 1.67 pcs / m2 2. 25 x 200 x 3000 mm - 17.34 kg 2.22 pcs / m2 Texture 1. Straight Grain (color : Wange Brown, Tropicals Oak, & Golden Teak) 2. Cassia (color : Brown Cheznut)


Wood Flooring

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