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Nama ProdukWOOD-Shera Plank
AplikasiIndoor, Outdoor
SHERA Plank is a unique composite of natural fibers bonded tightly in a high-grade silicate structure. This autoclaved wood grain siding acquires impressive toughness, yet remains flexible and dimensional stable. It is plank that contains absolutely Zero asbestos fiber. SHERA plank facilities simple handling and installation and is therefore suitable for even DO-It_Yourself (DIY) segment. It comes in several size and textures with a real remedy to wood-cladding application for buildings which are prone to severe effects of termites and humidity.


1. 8 x 150 x 3000 mm - 5.40 kg 2. 8 x 200 x 3000 mm - 7.20 kg Texture 1. Teak Texture 2. Cassia Texture Color 1. Uncolor 2. light yellow 3. Honey Teak 4. Light Blue 5. Red Mahogany 6. Merbau Brown 7. Redwood 8. Afromosia Brown 9. Walnut


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