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Nama ProdukWOOD-Shera Splendid Plank
SHERA Splendid plank achives beatiful aesthetic grooves on building wall with the edged profile splendid siding. SHERA Splendid plank is another version of lap siding which stands up to the most demanding design. With SHERA splendid plank, overlapping installation will be very simple and efficient. SHERA Splendid plank comes with several options in edge profiling design that not only provides innovative style into home designs but also long lasting and less worry from humidity, heat, salt spray and flying debris.


Orchid Tree 10 x 150 x 3000 mm - 6.55 kg 2.67 pcs / m2 Croton 10 x 150 x 3000 mm - 6.33 kg 2.57 pcs / m2 Yellow Flame 10 x 150 x 3000 mm - 6.33 kg 2.57 pcs / m2 Modern Stagger 10 x 100 x 3000 mm - 4.40 kg 4.17 pcs / m2 10 x 150 x 3000 mm - 6.60 kg 2.5


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