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  Broadgate is an Architecture, Interior, and Construction company in Indonesia. Broadgate was established in 2016 by three talented women. Two of them are the architects, were graduated from Parahyangan Catholic University with Cum-Laude predicate and have won scholarship to pursue a Master of Architecture degree at The University of Nottingham, UK. They have work experiences majoring in residential building, high rises, educational institutions, and mixed-use developments in Jakarta and Singapore. The architects also have received some prestigious awards, such as the first winner for "Best Tall Building Design" category for a proposed Algae Tower in London, sponsored by Canary Wharf Plc Group, London. They were also a runner-up for prize category of "Design Excellence in Building Engineering" awarded by ARUP, East Midlands, UK.   Broadgate experiences in residential house, apartments, office, hotel, etc. It’s our pleasure to design and build your house, studio apartments, office, café, school, and many others according to your current budget and needs. Kindly visit or call our office for further enquiry and discussion. Broadgate is the best gate for all your design solution.

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