We are a team of young professional interior designer and architect with fresh ideas to help you build architecture and interior design concept that suits your style as well as your needs - our aim is to improve your lifestyle, workspace and quality of life. We are working with sustainable materials with hope that through our awareness, we can maintain a healthy environment and give something back to mother earth. We are using many local designer’s product with international quality.

VISION To become a leading Indonesian interior design and architecture company, offering sustainable and long term solution for bot h residential and business environments. 

MISSION To continuously strive for excellent i n interior design and architecture consultant-contractor and to provide innovative and high quality designs and products for the Indonesian and international market. Through discipline and strong interior design aesthetic, we strive to maximize our clients's business potential.

Together with our clients, we combine function, comfort and aesthetic. The 3 main factors to create a suitable space for the market and image of the company. Our service field covers: 

INTERIOR SPACE We create an interior space on human base. We understand that everyone or every business has different needs and identity. We try to meet all your needs and expectations in creating your dream interior. 


We design and create artworks for any space and theme.


We understand that everyone has different needs and taste. We try to meet all your needs and expectations in creating special products for you.


We create lighting design to make gorgeous interior ambiance.

Contact Us:


e.: graharupa@live.com


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