Made Dharmendra Architect is an award winning architectural firm structured to provide comprehensive architectural design services in the field of private residential/villa through to hospitality building. Our strong integrities, passions, skills, and ideas are reflected in the numerous acclaimed proposed and completed projects. Our works have won several awards and have been published in many magazines and books.   I Made Gde Dharmendra, ST., IAI, AA, is a Balinese, Indonesian born in 1977, an international licensed architect, and award winning architect took his degree in architecture from Sepuluh November Institute of Technology (ITS) Surabaya. His experiences background starting in the Maldives for several years in the resort development and the last destination before he decided to come back to Bali was in Singapore as an architect for design and build firm, and he is currently Director and Principal Architect of PT. Made Dharmendra Architect.
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