Established in 2003, Metaphor Interior & Architecture is prominent in the field of hospitality, retail and commercial design. Our mission is based on a principle where design is a matter of serious responsibility, creating innovative spaces which explore the betterment and enhance the experience within. In order to ensure the highest level of client satisfaction and design quality, a team of US trained architects and interior designers, overview each project undertaken by the firm. Their personal attention, commitment and invaluable accrued experience are keys to the critical decision making necessary for the projects in today’s competitive environment. With excellent listening and communication skills, they invite their clients to become active partners in the design process, arriving at unique solutions tailored to their specific project needs. To realize the full benefits of these interpersonal, creative and organizational skills, the firm is committed to the application of cutting-edge computer technology to every aspect of the practice. Designs, from initial concepts to final presentations, are created using sophisticated modeling and presentation tools, generating accurate drawings that are vital to the success of every project handled.  
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