una is a nationwide architecture, project visioning, and planning consultant firm. With its head office in Jakarta-Indonesia, the company has deep experience in a vast range of public building projects, including apartments, hotels, office buildings, commercial areas, educational buildings, and mixed use developments. Founded in 2009 by a group of individuals who have significant experience in this line of business, una has been driven by a strong philosophy devoted to enrich human experience and the quality of the environment through its planning and architectural works. With their expertise, una aims to give its best contribution and services to the clients. Since then, una has been renowned for bringing a combination of design, management, and technical expertise to every project. Providing profesional architectural services, the work scope of the company comprises of providing project visioning, design concepts, schematic designs, permit documents, tender documents, construction drawings, and coordination during construction. One of the most important factors in the success of una has been the ability to provide architectural services for a diverse range of clients in widely various sectors, functions, scales, and locations. By that, it has established a nationwide reputation by doing many projects across the region.
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