"Design for everyone, design to live in " It is our belief that every space in a building is actually conveying a message that represents particular function, preference, and character. Not only that, architecture and interior has the potential to shape people's behaviour and mood. That's why it is important for us to create a design that is especially crafted to represent our clientele's identity and character. Thus, getting to know our clients better before working on the design is a crucial phase for us. By getting to know our clients better, we can make a better baseline of how the building and the interior space should be designed.  What are our client necessities? How do they behave? What is their preference? What are their values? What do they want to represent from their building? What culture and habbit they want to develop in the building? Most likely, the answer to these questions will be different for each person and corporation.

Lingkup jasa yang ditawarkan

Presentational drawings.| Working drawings and details.| Regular projects supervision (overseeing the construction and finishing phases).| Giving interior and architectural consultation.| Assisting clients in purchasing interior and architectural furnishing.| Furniture Production| Interior Styling


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