Studio Denny Setiawan is an architecture firm based in Jakarta. We do some middle rise project. We focus on what is contextual to create good living based on clients need. We hope that our work will add some positive value to clients and its surroundings. Team: Denny Setiawan Principal Architect Binus University S1. Studio Denny Setiawan, or well-known as sDs, has been established since 2008 and dedicated as a design lab to respond to the needs of a well-thought-of architectural design around its environment. By researching the definition of needs, sDs provides designs not only to serve the clients but also to make sure that each work gives some positive effects to the surroundings. sDs believes that a good architectural work should provoke the environment to be more friendly and humble. To fulfill the dreams, sDs is ready to collaborate with any professionals in their field. Because sDs believes that a sustainable work should be loved by its user, so as a consultant sDs always tries to serve its users as well as it can.
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