PT. Stupa Garsindo a.k.a Stupaliving offers its services in architectural design, interior design, fitting construction works and project management. Destined to anticipate the large-increasing demand in building industries, due to the leaps and bound in Indonesia economy.Founded by several enthusiastic young professional and starting out with just several staffs-today PT. Stupa Garsindo has successfully achieved recognition for its reliable service. Some of PT. Stupa Garsindo's works has been selected to be Stupa has also been acknowledged as one of the 50 Indonesian Designers, Architecture 4D published in 2011.Resource and programming of all out projects is undertaken by qualified architects and engineer managers who work along side out designers. The design of all our projects follow on an in-house Total Quality Management Process, drawing upon the frame work set out study and practices.In present day conditions we are qually realistic about the need for ease of construction, robustness, value for money, completion on time and ease of operation once in use. Strong emphasis is given to the group acting as a team able to provide a wide range of complimentary individual talents.PT. Stupa Garsindo aims to provide a high level of expertise so that client's requirements are properly satisfied and they contionue to use Stupa Garsindo's services. The company believes its success based on quality of producents, satisfaction, services, and relationship.
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