Willis Kusuma Architects is an architecture firm based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Founded in 2004 by Willis Kusuma, Willis Kusuma Architects is a full service architecture and design firm specializing in custom residential, cultural, institutional and commercial buildings and interiors. Architectural designs are developed using innovative materials, advanced structural strategies, sustainable technologies, and guided from schematic design through to the successful completion of construction./ Willis Kusuma Architects persistently aims to deliver critical, genuine and modern architecture that conveys a sense of humanism and purpose while fulfilling the programmatic requirement of the building. Such buildings that encourage gatherings and contemplation, inspire creativity, give pleasure, and infuse both visitors and occupants with a sense of event. Willis Kusuma Architects exercises economy of gesture and scrupulous attention which results in the highest standards of execution, delight in pure beauty, and respect for the client's need./ Our buildings have received praise for architectural innovation as well as their subtle and sympathetic relationship to their contexts and the natural environments, especially the use of natural light and ventilation which has remained our constant preoccupation. Rather than responding with nostalgic regressions or future projections, in each project, Willis Kusuma Architects constantly investigate the possibilities inherent in the present and extends the unique condition through architecture./ Willis Kusuma Architects has received numerous architectural awards and has been exhibited and published in both local and international architecture publications. The GF House has been shortlisted in the World Architecture Festival 2012, which was held in Singapore.
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