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Jasa Design and Build RUMAH SABINE di Surakarta
RUMAH SABINE- Jasa Design and Build Indonesia
Jl. Kalibata Selatan No 17
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We're a full-service interior design based in South Jakarta Indonesia. We also have a Home décor, Craft and Furniture store at Jl.Buncit Raya No.37C Buncit-Jakarta Selatan. You can find your interior needs from flooring to Ceiling and everything in between. I believe an object or piece of furniture should be either functional, beautiful, or sentimental and if can be all three then that is design magic.I believe a home should look like the person that inhabits it, not a catalog, not what you think others would like — but really, truly like you.Be the interesting person, be positive, laughs a lot and have your home reflect who you are.

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