Daftar Kontraktor Profesional di Badung untuk bangun maupun renovasi rumah Anda.

Jln. Gunung Kapur No. 2B Tegal Kertha Denpasar 80119 Bali
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Harimurti as a certified architect (IAI) is Design Director at HG Architects (Design & Construction Company) as well as the founder. To strengthen the bussiness base in property consultant, Harimurti also is a certified property analyst (CPA-PSP). Since 2007, establish cooperation with personal and corporate clients, also both local and expatriate. Harimurti & HGsupported by profesional art & engineering team has been involved in various public and private projects, including by winning a number of national design-competition.

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Jasa Kontraktor TAU Architect di Badung
TAU Architect- Jasa Kontraktor Indonesia

TAU ( Tsang Architecture Urbanism) is a multifaceted design studio that works at all levels of design from large scale urban planning to smaller tactile product design.  The founder, Samuel has worked across China, Indonesia and Australia on projects ranging from interiors to mixed use buildings,  masterplanning and landscape. At the core philosophy of TAU is how to realize a concept and build it correctly no matter the complexity or forces which undermine the original design intent. TAU approaches all design through a process of analysis, experimentation, digital/physical 3d modeling, and testing of the boundaries and program of a project . The workshop and the design studio work in the same space allowing a seamless communication from technical drawings to construction and fabrication. This hands-on approach to design is a tool which allows our designers to work quickly from the digital to the physical realm. TAU employs architects, project managers, interior designers, product designers, welders, carpenters and graphic designers to support all parts of the design process. TAU’s team of architects with experience throughout South East Asia are capable of problem solving any type, function or scale of project. TAU approaches any new project with consideration of the clients program of brief, the surrounding environmental site conditions, and analysis of market forces. TAU is unique in that it works closely with business development managers, hotel operators, marketing companies, developers, financial consultants and government agencies to inform and influence the direction of the initial concept and final building.  

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Jasa Kontraktor {[{ premium_professionals[1].profile_name }]} di Badung
Jasa Kontraktor {[{ premium_professionals[1].profile_name }]} di Badung
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