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PT. MODULA di Kudus

Established in 2013, Modula is an architecture consultant firm, that consist of 2 division design project;  architectural  and interior design.     

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{[{ premium_professionals[0].profile_name }]} di Kudus
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Kolaborasi Lima di Kudus
Kolaborasi Lima
Jl. Taman Jatibaru

Koma, shortened of Kolaborasi Lima, is basically a collaboration of five young professionals that merge as one consulting team focusing on urban, architecture, and interior design.

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{[{ premium_professionals[1].profile_name }]} di Kudus
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KOEN Design di Kudus
KOEN Design di Kudus
KOEN Design di Kudus
KOEN Design di Kudus
KOEN Design
Cityloft Lantai 20-01

We are design & build firm, focuses on interior design "google" style office based in Jakarta, specialized in Scandinavian design

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{[{ premium_professionals[2].profile_name }]} di Kudus
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SASO Architecture Studio di Kudus
SASO Architecture Studio
Perumahan Graha Sunter Pratama

SASO provides a partner in creating client’s imaginations of dwelling into reality. We believe that architecture is a solution of functions and site constrain wrapped in aesthetic form. Therefore we start with holistic understanding berween site, client’s will, and functions; instead of a sudden design output. We enjoy work together with many other disciplines, to create a sustainable building as a long term solution for client. Proficient at analysing constrains of regulation and function to maxmize revenue and optimising floor plan configuration is our basic skills. Our studio based in Jakarta and Bali, Indonesia. We grow with a consciousness of a necessity to always learn and stay hungry to create a better living environments and spaces. Founded by well experienced teams, were working as Architects in Singapore base multi-national company to be a team of complex design of High-Rise and mixed-use project in Indonesia. So let’s talk about your dream, we build. 

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{[{ premium_professionals[3].profile_name }]} di Kudus
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Fajriyan Architect di Kudus
Fajriyan Architect
1 Proyek Terbangun

Pengalaman di Bidang Desain Rumah Tinggal berbagai Model sesuai dengan selera Owner dan sesuai Kebutuhan dari Owner , di samping itu juga berpengalaman dalam Berbagai Desain Rumah sakit.  Ketepatan MUTU - BIAYA - WAKTU adalah komitmen saya dengan Owner.

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{[{ premium_professionals[4].profile_name }]} di Kudus
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Total Reka Team di Kudus
Total Reka Team
Jl.Lingkar Barat Dusun Kulon Kali Rt 03 Rw 06 Jati Kulon Kudus

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{[{ premium_professionals[5].profile_name }]} di Kudus
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