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Rajawali Putera Utama - Mechanical, Electrical, Lighting Design & AC Contractor di Temanggung

Established in Semarang since 1998. Rajawali Putera Utama is well known Mechanical, Electrial, Architectural Lighting Design & Air Conditioner Contractor. We have played a significant role in Indonesia constructing company, from commercial, office building, schools, factories, residential, and many more. Based on our experience over the past 20 years as ME Lighting & AC contractor, we now ready to serve you as a consultant, planner & builder for all your projects. Design, Planning & Build ME System Design, Planning & Build Lighting Design Design, Planning & Build AC System: AC Installation, Repair & Service Maintaining & Upgrading System Troubleshooting & Repairing We believe we can offer your operation a cost effecient solution to all your building needs. 

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Accepting volunteer project for organizations who in need.

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