Graduated from Institut Teknologi Bandung in 1999, he then, together with a college friend, established an architecture design studio. Yu Sing has always been actively joining in various architectural competitions, which many of them he won. And since, he got frequently invited to give public lectures, seminars and workshops by architecture colleges in Indonesia.   In 2008, answering his life long search for meanings, Yu Sing established akanoma, an independent architecture design studio that provides affordable designs for the middle and lower income families. He has also continuously been working with young apprentices and students catering the dream of middle-lower income families to have their own architect-designd houses.  By the year 2009, Yu Sing published ‘Mimpi Rumah Murah’, a book of affordable houses.   Akanoma itself has four main design philosophy: 1.                   Put forth architecture for all 2.                   Bring traditional architecture forward 3.                   Build nature-culture-economy-architecture interdependency 4.                   Promote eco-tourism along the local   Yu Sing was born in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia in 1976. He graduated from Institut Teknologi Bandung in 1999, majoring Architecture Engineering. On that same year he began his career as an Architect by, along with a coleague, establishing Studio Genesis. Then, in 2008, he establish his own independent Architecture Studio called Akanoma (abbreviation of akar anomali; translated as “root of anomaly”). Akar anomali emphasize the studio’s commitment to constantly rooted in Indonesian context of cultures, potentials, and issues.  Yu Sing believes that Architecture is not a priviledge of the rich, instead Architecture should be able to immensely serve all social layers. Therefore, Sudio Akanoma commenced design for affordable houses, with a relatively lower design fee, so that the middle and lower income people may benefit a well-designed house.   While being a dinamic architect, Yu Sing actively writes in blogs and prints. And, in 2009, he published the book “Mimpi Rumah Murah”. He has also given many workshops and seminars in many Indonesian cities (s.a. Bandung, Yogyakarta, Pontianak, Banjarmasin, Lampung, Aceh), engaging students and young architects to cater architecture for all. Moreover, Yu Sing is open for public discussion through his blog, email and other social media accounts. In 2012, working with Prima Rusdi and Mandy Marahimin, via wujudkan.com crowdfunding, he initiated a phylantropic project “Papan untuk Semua” which works in people’s housing and public spaces reaching out to low income society.   Presented Architecture Workshops:   1.    Affordable Houses Design Workshop and Guest Lecture on Socializing Architecture, Universitas Sebelas Maret Surakarta, 21-22 October 2009 2.    Architecture Course: Public Space Development in Urban Village (West Pamulang), Institut Teknologi Indonesia, 3-5 June 2011 3.    MAAN Mentok Tin Mining City: ‘Exile’ City as a Process Towards Unique and Specific Ecotourism, Mentok, Bangka Island, 20-28 July 2011 4.    Joint Design Studi Indonesia-Japan 2011, Design Intervetion for Sensible High Density Urban Kampung of Megacities, Department of Architecture Faculty of Engineering University of Indonesia, Research Institute of Humanity and Nature (RIHN) Kyoto, Chiba University, The University of Tokyo, Tokyo University of Science, 08-18 September 2011.   As member of Architecture Competition’s board of jury:   1.   Sayembara Rumah Rakyat 2009, Studio Habitat Indonesia, 2009. 2.   Sayembara Penataan Kampung Pinggir Kali Brantas, Malang, East Java area Architecture Students, 2010. 3.   Sayembara Rumah Murah Sehat, Rumah Ide Series and Gramedia Pustaka Utama, 2010. 4.  Sayembara Desain Rumah Tinggal di Kampung Kota, “Housing Solution for a Better Living at Pademangan”, Universitas Trisakti, 2010.   5.  Sayembara Balai Pekumpulan Warga Kampung Layur, Semarang, Universitas Katolik Soegiyapranata, Semarang, 2011. 6.   Sayembara Rumah Tropis Nusantara di Kampung Kota, Universitas Brawijaya, Malang, 2011. 7.   Laras Award 2011 (in absentia). 8.   Sayembara Penataan Pedagang Kaki Lima di Monumen Perjuangan Rakyat Jawa Barat, Bandung, Universitas Parahyangan, 2015.   Awards: 2016. ·                     Green Leadership Award from BCI Asia; work: Environmental Center Ocean Of Life Indonesia, Watu Kodok, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta. 2015. ·                     3rd Place, Citation Of Excellent Architectural Design Reflecting East Asian Identity; work: Wikasatrian (Wika Leadership Center) ·                     Winner,  Holcim Awards Indonesia 2015 for Sustainable Construction; work: Ocean Of Life Indonesia, Watu Kodok, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta. ·                     2nd Place, Propan Desa Wisata Nusantara Competition; work: strategy concept for Desa Wisata Sembalun Lawang, Lombok, NTB. ·                     Tempo Property Award (Hunian Ramah Lingkungan) 2015; works: Taman Tengah Griya Mitra Insani 2 Complex, Cibubur; Puzzle House, West Jakarta; Stilts House, Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta. 2012 ·                     Winner, Closed Competition (invitee) Wikasatrian (Wika Leadership Center), Pasir Angin, Gadog, Bogor. 2011. ·                      4th Place, Orangutan Research Station Design Competition, West Kalimantan 2010.  ·                     3rd Place, FuturArc Prize 2010 International Competition (A Prototype for Ecological Living): Oasis Social Housing. 2009. ·                     Winner, Holcim Award Indonesia 2009 for sustainable Construction; work: Caringin Family ‘Village’ Improvement. ·                     Winner, Center of Academic Building Design Competition, Universitas Negeri Makassar; work: Menara Phinisi. ·                     Winner, no-reward competition (www.rujak.org); work: co-Housing: 1 house for 4 middle class families. 2008. ·                     5th Place, Universitas Gajahmada Academic Hospital Design Competition, Yogyakarta. ·                     3rd Place, Indogress Façade and Interior Design Competition, Tangerang. 2007. ·                     Finalist, closed competition of BPK Penabur International School, Banda, Bandung. ·                     6th Place, Borobudur Park Design Competition, Jakarta; team: Oky Kusprianto ·                     Winner, Jakarta Design Center Façade Design Competition. ·                     Top 10, Rumah Ide façade Competition. 2006. ·                     3rd Place, Taman Rakyat Cimahi Design Competition 2004. ·                     Winner, closed competition BPK Penabur International School, Bahureksa, Bandung. ·                     2nd Place, competition BPK Penabur International School, Singgasana Pradana, Bandung. 1999.   ·                     Winner, closed competition Gereja Kristen Indonesia Anugerah, Bandung; team: Yohan Tirtawijaya, Herjagus Kurnia, Anton Jo.     Yu Sing memberikan bengkel kerja/workshop arsitektur sebagai berikut:   1.     bengkel kerja desain rumah murah & kuliah tamu memasyarakatkan arsitektur, Universitas Sebelas Maret Surakarta, 21-22 oktober 2009. 2.     les arsitektur pengembangan ruang publik dalam kampung kota [pamulang barat], Institut Teknologi Indonesia, 3-5 juni 2011. 3.     mAAN mentok tin mining city: ‘exile’ city as a process towards unique & specific ecotourism, mentok, pulau bangka, 20-28 july 2011. 4.     Joint design studio indonesia-japan 2011, design intervention for sensible high density urban kampung of megacities,Department of Architecture Faculty of Engineering University of Indonesia, Research Institute of Humanity and Nature (RIHN) Kyoto, Chiba University, The University of Tokyo, Tokyo University of Science, 08-18 September 2011.     Selain itu, yu sing juga menjadi juri beberapa sayembara desain arsitektur yang berhubungan dengan rumah murah dan perbaikan kampung sebagai berikut:   1.     Juri sayembara rumah rakyat 2009, studio habitat indonesia, 2009. 2.     Juri sayembara penataan kampung pinggir kali brantas malang, mahasiswa arsitektur rayon jawa timur, 2010. 3.     Juri sayembara rumah murah sehat, seri rumah ide & gramedia pustaka utama, 2010. 4.     Juri sayembara desain rumah tinggal di kampung kota ‘housing solution for a better living at pademangan’, universitas trisakti,  2010. 5.     Juri sayembara balai perkumpulan warga kampung layur semarang, universitas katolik soegiyapranata semarang, 2011. 6.     sayembara rumah tropis nusantara di kampung kota, universitas brawijaya malang, 2011. 7.     Juri laras award 2012 (in absentia). 8.     Juri sayembara penataan pedagang kaki lima di monumen perjuangan jawa barat bandung, universitas parahyangan, 2015. Penghargaan  2016 ·                     Pemenang penghargaan internasional Green Leadership Award dari BCI Asia untuk karya rumah belajar lingkungan ocean of life indonesia, watu kodok, gunung kidul, yogyakarta. 2015 ·                     Pemenang 3 Citation Of Excellent Architectural Design Reflecting East Asian Identity untuk karya wikasatrian (wika leadership centre).
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