Arsicon studio is an architecture, design and build workshop based in Jakarta. Arsicon studio has 12+ years of experience with renovation, construction management, and interior design. We provide compact integrated design-build process from creating budget until updating the budget as the design is developed,also reporting financial changes throughout the process.We have worked for our clients in various projects such as home, office, and retails, feel free to ask us the quotation to build your dream place with us. 
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Kontraktor Sipil| Desain and Build| Arstitektur| Mechanical Electrical Plumbing| Desain Interior| furniture

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Jakarta | Jawa Barat | Jawa Timur | Jawa Tengah | Bali | Kalimantan | Sulawesi | Pulau Sumatera | Kepulauan Bangka Belitung | Nusa Tenggara | Papua | Papua Bar. |

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