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Buana Padang Gumilang (BPG) is an Indonesia-based architecture practice, established in 2014. BPG is focused on integrated design for architectural, interior, lighting to furniture design, audio visual and multimedia system, acoustic treatment for sound quality and sound proofing. BPG is interested in creative solutions to face the problems, how to create diverse and delightful spaces; how to create the quality of sounds that can enhance the experience and have an impact on how people behave in the space; how do we make spaces meaningful and loved; Our goal We come up with a simple framework to solve the problem or fulfill the client needs in construction industry. Our Core Values We take out values acutely in result. BPG has policies and procedures to make sure that we do our best. I. Efficiency An efficient time and budget is what every client dreams of. We strive on every levels with careful strategic planning along with our productive management. 2. Quality We believe that quality is one of the values that matters in projects competition. We dedicates ourselves to bring values in every project. This begins with our provision of quality materials.
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