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DIGIGUARD is an enterprising and modern MEP Contractor, consulting engineering, and design firm with decades of collaborative engineering, design and implementation experience.Founded in 2016, our team is a collective of multi-talented members who have worked on a diversity of projects around Indonesia. We also consult and design for developers and architects, bringing various design ideas to the table to achieve the levels of customization that each individual project commands. We pride ourselves in our accomplished efforts to meet the needs of our owners while respectfully maintaining positive relationships with our architects, engineers, interior designers, and plan reviewers. Our strength lies behind the modern control and integration between MEP and IT system integration suitable for smart and modern building solutions. Online Company Profile is available on https://www.digiguard.co/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/Digiguard_Compro_Final_SF_LR_2020.pdf and learn more about DIGIGUARD by visiting our website at https://www.digiguard.co/

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Mechanical| Electrical| HVAC| Plumbing| Building Automation System| IT Integration| IoT| Pneumatic

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Jakarta | Bali | Pulau Jawa | Tangerang | Bekasi | Indonesia |



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