HighStreetStudio offers a complete creative direction, interior design, and architectural design services, the studio’s projects range from commercial to residential sector.  Since 2009 we have collaborated with clients to achieve measurable business results and better living - working environments. Under the creative direction of Jakarta-based designers, the studio celebrates clients who seek innovative ways of developing their brand or their interior. Its unique approach disregards convention in search of something altogether more courageous, fun and impulsive. Our designers are able to draw on a wide range of talents and diverse backgrounds, including architecture, interior design, product design and graphic design. We have accumulated international experiences ranging from Asia, Europe, and The United States, which prove invaluable asset as our clients demand a wider point of view to assist them in their endeavours.Our subdivision : - KCS General Contractor - https://www.arsitag.com/profile/kcs-general-contractor
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