Imago Design Studio is an Architect Bureau set up in Bali year 2004 by Iwan Virga Sutanto, ST, IAI, Yulanda Fariani, ST, and Leo Sumiko, ST (resigned in 2015 from Imago Design Studio). Since then we have experienced both architecture and interior architecture of projects ranging from commercial (hotel, villas, leisure) and residential scopes. Our design is about form follows function, creative and modern approach of planning and design with respect to the environment, either it is natural landscape, a complex, the city scape, or the building itself. Artistic concepts are applied troughout our design process from scratches to implementation in each of our projects.   IWAN VIRGA SUTANTO, IAI Iwan Virga Sutanto studied architecture at Parahyangan Catholic University in Bandung, West Java,Indonesia. After obtaining his Bachelor of Architecture degree in 1998, he has worked on several projects both local and overseas with Grounds Kent Architect indonesia (2000-2001) and AREA Designs Singapore / Studio Canggahwang Bali (2001-2004). He initiates founding Imago Design Studio with Yulanda Fariani and Leo Sumiko in year 2004, and since then he becomes the Design Studio Director and Principal of Imago Design Studio in Bali until now.
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