We are a team that is experienced in the field of Interior work. Starting from 2000 we have started dabbling with interior work, ranging from checking on site, create an image submission 3D design, create detailed drawings for the production, manufacture, and until installation in the field. The scope of our experience includes interiors of houses, apartments, offices, retail and exhibition.  Our team are people who stand alone, without intermediaries, so our prices can compete with other  competitors and with the same quality as other competitors. Our team established on October 10, 2012. Our vision is to make a space according the character of the user, our mission is to building a national business organization with quality employees who will always be updated. Our goal are always learn and try a new things. The scope of our work is interior design, example residential, retail, office, exhibition, etc.  Inspirations can come from family and friends. Materials that we use frequently such as multipleks, MDF, blockboard, HPL, Melamic or duco spray finishing. We always listen to our customers' desire along with our suggestions. We met face to face, by phone, or email in 7/24 to keep in touch with clients. In the future, we want to make multifunction furniture and goods.  
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