Born in Jakarta – Indonesia  Leo Einstein Franciscus graduated from the University of Pelita Harapan in 2008, he received his Bachelor Degree cum laude in Architecture. In 2006 he got his first internship at Shie Fen architect, one of Indonesian legendary architect. Upon graduated from university, Einstein worked at Atelier Cosmas Gozali and Willis Kusuma Architect from January 2009 – December 2012 as Project Designer & Senior Project Designer. Some of the F&B project at Jakarta  he involved when his working time such as Pesto Authentico, Ocha & Bella, SKYE, and MOOVINA. In 2013, He finally have his courage to found a boutique architecture interior design firm, Einstein and Associates to create distinct projects.  A series of recognized works with sensuous and unique characteristic have born afterward. Einstein & Associates Project -Wilshire, Bottega Ristorante, Lemongrass, Seroeni St.Moritz, Populi Kitchen, Djati Drinkery, 3RD Avenue, La Fusion, The Ground   Einstein & Associates does very concern with details to inspire and indulge. This firm has established a new paradigm in the industry, encompassing a multitude of disciplines with creating thoughtful and integrated design process, focusing on creating transformative experiences. From the works that explained in this book,  show that Einstein & Associates like to play with finishes and materials; from many kinds of wood, metal, brass, copper, leather, mosaic tiles, fabric, and many more. The ultimate key from our design is balance, like yin and yang. When Einstein founded the firm, He already have a clear picture of what he want in term of design. Einstein & Associates plans to break through different boundaries. We want to make sure that we are not staying idly within our comfort zone and doing the same old stuff. We want to stay creative and hungry for new innovations while looking for new opportunities. 
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