Rupakara  Akarsana Kalyan,  in  sanskrit means transform, heave and prosper. These words have profound meaning to us. On this journey, we wanted to give a different meaning to the world of design. To transform the paradigm that had been out there about design, and  mainly  about  the  cognition of  DESIGN AS  SOLUTION  and DESIGN THINKING as a philosophy in developing our masterpieces. We embed  our humanist  values and raciness of each masterpiece. Uniting the expectation and volition of consumers with the value that we have to become a creative force with aloft selling points. In order to deliver our vision, we will never stop learning, innovate and creates with passion.
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Master Planning| Hospitality Design| Landscape Planning| Architecture| Interior| Build


IAI (Ikatan Arsitek Indonesia), IALI (Ikatan Arsitek Lanskap Indonesia)

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