Established in 2001, Sesby is a Jakarta based Design & Build Company. Our project portofolio ranges from private residentials, offices, education, and commercials to our work showcases, our amicable taste & commitment to turn livable beauty into quality. We take pride in becoming part of positive life changing journey to our client into a better quality of live. We fundamentally believe that a living space is a unique vessel to each of us. Beauty, function, circulation & security, contextual in every elements has to be seamlessly tailored into the most specific details of you; your identity and personality, your style, your needs, your believes, your story, and your dreams.
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Desain Interior| Architecture| Landscape| Plafond| Flooring| Lighting| Cat| Pintu Kaca| Dekorasi| Furniture| Pekerjaan Kayu| Interior Wall| Wallpaper| Mural| Kitchen Set| Artwork| Home Theater

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