S T U D / O • R T M               S T U D / O • R T M  (Studio Rumah Taman Modern) is a studio design that focuses on architecture, interior and contractor. Located at Taman Modern Cakung, the studio started in January 2014. Our passion for architecture give us the courage and drive to leave our comfort zone and started this studio.           Architecture, a living art that we embrace in our daily lives. The breeze that enters a working room with the occasional faint sound from the bird outdoor. The ticking sound of raindrops and sunlight that seeps through the window curtain. These simple nature bliss are our core inspirations in creating things.            Working with various clients give us pleasant challenges. There will be times when we have to face our differences and come up with the best solution. However through this process we believe we could achieve a better result.               We love process. Process is an important essence in our work. Just like a movie. There is introduction, conflict, climax and an ending.           Everything feels beautiful, because we enjoy the process. In architecture, process is strength. Just like this writing that is made with process.                                                                                                                                                Nico Gowindra              
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