TATA TATA is a small design studio based in Indonesia focused on architecture, interior design, landscape and urban design formed by Alvath Tembria in 1st Syawal 1442 H (13rd May 2021). Our premise starts from the statement that architecture is not a product owned only by the upper class but for all people. So our target is not to produce luxurious architectural products at all, but good architecture that grows naturally based on the natural sense of the user's space, such as space comfort, healthy space, and responsiveness to context. Architecture is not just an inanimate product, but something participatory. We are very open to all input from various parties from all disciplines. So our goal is to invite all levels of society to criticize every space they use and manage their own space wisely. We started it all in a small studio with several projects on the island of Lombok, one of the most beautiful islands in the world. We hope our spirit can spread further to all corners of the world together with other studios to build a great and sufficient space.
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