Architectural Services Every success projects should have a fine goal and clear project brief. With Visioning & Conceptual Design, we will help you not only build a good project brief and goal, but also helping you get the number, the estimated volume and visualisation of the property. once you have the project brief and a clear goal of your vision, we will develop those into a solid conceptual design to be develop further into play. when the conceptual design have enough basic information and design requirement from all the design team, its time to bring it to Design Development phase. In Project Collaboration with foreign architects, this is the time where we translate, coordinate and perfecting all design component to meet local regulation and construction code.   Creative Art Space In our small office we spare a space call it creative common space. We share this space to our friends, collaborator, young creative artist or anyone that has creative activity to hold Exhibition, discussion, presentation, Movie Screening or event just group gathering in our small Coffee shops. We love good photograph, and so our friends. Instead of keeping it in our hard drive, we want to go old-school, we print it, and make it available for anyone who want to have it, and hang it in their room. Just check our Naked Print collection. Find something interest for photo shoot? Just explain it, plan it and we make it happen. Another fun day in waga. Watch out for the next schedule of Wagalicious. And you can also share anything in Brownbag, from traveling story telling to digital editing tips-trick. We love to know anything!   We Are Good Architect pursue totality of work beyond Architecture, we collaborate with client to explore and determine what the project truly want and extremely need, provide not only numbers of square meters but also the un-imaginer number that the client will gain related in pride and also best expectation. Building is not merely something on ground, landed or tall building blade, surrounding will ask for its identity. When columns means bones glass as skin and top as crown then the surrounding become the attitude that gracefully put in the site.
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