Desain Kamar Mandi Kontemporer,klasik Proyek Reclaimed Wooden Bathrooms oleh Iwan Sastrawiguna di Indonesia

Project Reclaimed Wooden Bathrooms

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Iwan Sastrawiguna Reclaimed Wooden Bathrooms Indonesia Indonesia Double-Sink-With-Floating-Counter-Top Kontemporer,klasik <P>Rustic Reclaimed Woods Are Used For Sconces, Mirror Frame, And Countertop.</p>
<P>River Rock Sinks With Wall Mounted Stone Faucets Are Placed On A Floating Countertop Covered With Unfinished Reclaimed Wood. On The Left, There Is A Recessed Shelving For Toilettries.</p>
<P>Eco-Friendly Handmade Octagonal Terracotta Tiles Are Used For Flooring.</p>Daftar Desain Kamar Mandi Kontemporer,klasik Kategori Residential Oleh Iwan Sastrawiguna. Foto Dan Artikel Selengkapnya Hanya Di - Reclaimed Wooden Bathrooms 6660

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Rustic reclaimed woods are used for sconces, mirror frame, and countertop.

River rock sinks with wall mounted stone faucets are placed on a floating countertop covered with unfinished reclaimed wood. On the left, there is a recessed shelving for toilettries.

Eco-friendly handmade octagonal terracotta tiles are used for flooring.

Daftar desain kamar mandi kontemporer,klasik kategori residential oleh Iwan Sastrawiguna. Foto dan artikel selengkapnya hanya di - Reclaimed Wooden Bathrooms

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