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Fikri Alam di Purbalingga
Fikri Alam
Jln. Raya Ajibarang-Bumiayu Km 7

Fikri Alam was born in Banyumas, March 21st 1992. Accomplished his architectural study in Diponegoro University - Semarang in the late of 2014 as the best graduate in those period. His interest in the world of archi...

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{[{ premium_professionals[0].profile_name }]} di Purbalingga
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Ayu Fatmawati di Purbalingga
Ayu Fatmawati

iam architect degree from Diponegoro University 2007 , since more than 8 yrs im in this field , ever work in qatar and india now become architect in semarang. " No Limited In Design "

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{[{ premium_professionals[1].profile_name }]} di Purbalingga
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