Aboday  is a colossal effort in maintaining the co-existence of three different brains. At some point, three years after we established our company, we realized that our differences are something we can rely on to complete one another. Imagine how boring it would’ve been, to hear the same voice and style, when we can enjoy more tunes and different dances. The three of us have the freedom to individually exercise what we believe and this is what sets Aboday apart from the other firms. In order to minimize the excess, Aboday intends to detach from the binds of genre and style, or any community that has the potential of causing friction. As an organization, this set-up will bring Aboday forward through time, even when the three of us are no longer inside it. We continue our efforts to experiment on organization and profession as a way of finding the perfect formula to create balance among growing surroundings and contradictions. PHILOSOPHY When it comes to design philosophy, Aboday is not bound by any grand idealisms or specific style inclinations. We prefer to design relevantly, and by being relevant we intend to bridge the gap between all disciplines involved during the design process of a project. What we design is front and foremost, contextual—in such a way that it fulfills all the necessary requirements, it fulfills the clients’ needs, and above all, not impossible to construct. When it comes to aesthetics, we tend to explore and not adhere consistently to any specific architectural style for every project we design. At the end of the day, we want to be the kind of architectural firm that can design anything, for anyone, as long as it is contextual, relevant, and of course, beautiful.
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