Koma Stt Office Papua, Indonesia Papua, Indonesia Koma-Stt-Office Contemporary The Design For The Distributor Company Located In Merauke, Papua, Indonesia. Tried To Bring The Values Of This Company To The  Architecture Design & Interior Space. Energic, Innovative And Creative Are Some Of The Company Values Expressed In A Project That Reflects On Workspaces Of The Future, Combined With Natural Material In Exterior And Interior Design. 70256

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The design for the distributor company located in Merauke, Papua, Indonesia. tried to bring the values of this company to the  architecture design & interior space. Energic, innovative and Creative are some of the company values expressed in a project that reflects on workspaces of the future, combined with natural material in exterior and interior design.

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CONTEMPORARY | $$$ | Ruang Kerja | Papua, Indonesia

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